Thank you for taking precious time out of your schedule to have a look at my work. The work you see here is a collection of my skills over the last 15years...

A little about my life experiences & where its got me...

Photography became a  passion at a very young age. It was my dad’s hobby which rubbed off onto me. I took to the camera when I was 9yrs old... Photography kept growing as a hobby right thru my college years & it was during my later college days when I decided to take it up as a profession. To get formal education here was not an option therefore I went to Australia to study photography. Earned my Diploma in Scientific Photography in 3 years & instead of starting my career in commercial photography I decided to take the gamble of backpacking around the globe & spend all the money I had earned doing odd jobs towards this end… Since I was in Perth & had explored a lot of the west coast, I started by traveling to the east coast… Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra & Adelaide. I would go off the beaten track & explore areas which very few people would’ve seen. After Australia, I went to Indonesia, Malaysia, Bali & briefly touched India before taking off to UK, Canada, USA, Mexico & finally ended up in Africa. In all these countries I did a lot of road travel, often hitchhiking or finding like minded travellers & shared a vehicle to reach a common destination. All these travels helped me see, observe & experience different cultures, people & traits & how they had all adapted or reacted to their natural habitat to establish their current state which was created over  generations. I finally exhausted all my funds & returned to Mumbai. 

Started my commercial career in this busy vibrant megapolis & have established myself here. I now do assignments for varied clients ranging from products shoot, fashion, lifestyle, food, jewellery, Hotels & Interiors, Industrial assignments and more...

I hope you enjoy what you see & if you require my services feel free to get in touch with me. My cell: +91-9833137912  or if you prefer email:

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